Angel Voices: Stuart Snyder

Stuart Snyder shares how being raised in Silicon Valley set him on the path to entrepreneurship and angel investing, his passion for backing South Australian startups, and advice for prospective angels.

About Stuart

Stuart’s journey from founder to investor

Why angel investing?

What makes South Australia special

Stuart’s advice for prospective angel investors

1. Watch at least 100 pitches (you can watch many on YouTube) to get the feel of what to look for in an opportunity.

2. Develop relationships with founders and other angels.

3. Understand the market size of the opportunity.

4. Join a network like Innovation Bay’s Horizon where opportunities are pre-vetted.

Book recommendation

Horizon is Innovation Bay’s community of passionate angel investors. If you are a startup founder looking to tap into the guidance, connections and capital of experienced angels, apply to pitch to Horizon here.

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