Innovation Bay 2020 Year in Review

Innovation Bay co-founder and CEO Phaedon Stough reflects on what IB got up to in 2020 and shares the vision for 2021.

What really amazed us about COVID and this year in general is:

1. How everyone in the tech community came together.

2. The resilience and resourcefulness of the ecosystem.

3. How much money has been raised throughout COVID-19.


Our last in-person event for the year was a fireside chat with Kate Morris of Adore Beauty.

Top 3 Events


Top 3 Podcast Episodes


Top 3 Medium Posts


1. Summit (Series A+ Founder)

2. Horizon (Angel Investor)

3. Aurora (Venture Capital)

4. Canopy (Seed Stage Founder)


A New Look

Vision for 2021

Innovation Bay is a community group bringing together extraordinary people who are passionate about #innovation, #entrepreneurship, #startups and #technology.

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