People Investing: An Angel Investing Perspective

Innovation Bay’s co-founder Phaedon Stough shares his personal take on angel investing, including what he looks for in founders and how to assess a potential founder-investor fit.

Phaedon shares his hard-earned advice for finding the right founder-investor fit.
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…it’s all about the founders.

So what do I look for in a founder or founders?

Partnering with a founder is a long-term commitment

I look for founders that I can imagine smart people wanting to work for. So they need to have a high degree of intelligence, industry insight, humility/self-awareness and a sense of urgency. I also look for an ability to build an immediate rapport with me by drawing me into a two-way conversation about their business. I’m immediately put off by cockiness and a slick salesman approach.

So how do you then assess a potential fit with founders?

Finding great founders with great ideas

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