Pitch Deck Pointers Part 6: The Competition Slide

Hugh Bickerstaff of Investible helps us tackle what investors want to see on the competition slide of your pitch deck.

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Meet the VC: Hugh Bickerstaff of Investible

The Competition Slide

The purpose of the competition slide and why it’s important to an investor

Common mistakes made on this slide

Demonstrate your grasp on the domain you’re in with up-to-date research.

Top pitch tips for founders

  1. You are effectively telling a story and also matching that story to the goals and aspirations of your investors.
  2. Be prepared: Take some time to research who you are pitching to (individuals and organisations). What has been their personal journeys? What other investments have they made? Why did they invest? What did they like about those businesses or founders?
  3. Make sure you understand the logistics of the venue and meeting. What tech /cables are available? What do you need to bring? What is your backup plan? How long do you have to speak? How long is available for questions? Have you prepared some great questions for them?
  4. You need to save some time to utilise the meeting to understand if they are the right investor for you and what value they can add above capital. Ask them to give some examples of where they have added significant value to one of their investee companies. Ask for an introduction to a couple of their portfolio companies so that you can speak to the founders.
  5. Be clear about your fundraising goals and timeframes and make sure their process can align with your timetable. Also, ask to fully understand all the steps in their investment process as these can vary significantly between investors. -HB
Be sure to clarify which cables will be provided at the pitching venue and what you might need to bring yourself ahead of time.

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