Startup Virtual Event Library

Access expert insights on demand with this comprehensive guide to Innovation Bay’s virtual events.

1. Angel Investing

Best Way to Build an Angel Investment Portfolio

Angel & Seed Investing

2. Fundraising

How to Master the Art of Bootstrapping

Who Sets Valuation and Deal Terms?

What Should Founder Investor Relationships Look Like?

VC x Founder: Tempus x Healthmatch & Swoop Aero

VC Ask Me Anything

3. Founder Support

How to Build Your Best Board

Life On the Other Side: Founders Who Exited

Leading Through Uncertainty

4. Function Focus

Marketing & Sales: How to acquire more customers

Recruitment: Why a downturn is the best time to hire your A-team

5. Sector Deep Dives

Impact Startups: The power of purpose

Retail: The rise of ecommerce

Space tech: When will Australia be in space?

Cybersecurity: How secure are we?

Edtech: Has the way we learned changed forever?

Health Tech: Companies changing the patient experience

Agtech: How do we feed 10 billion people by 2050?

Renewables: Can Australia become the renewable energy capital of the world?

Innovation Bay is a community group bringing together extraordinary people who are passionate about #innovation, #entrepreneurship, #startups and #technology.

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